Content Analysis Example and How it Helps to Understand Writing

There are several types of content analysis that are used depending on what is being looked for within the text. This can help to determine what the writing is attempting to achieve through content question. While some of the criteria may be subjective, it also relies upon a certain methodology in order to evaluate the purpose of the language. This is done through “coding” that helps the researcher perform a qualitative analysis of the material.

Questioning the Content of a Document

One content analysis example is to examine the document and ask questions about the content. For example, when reading a document about a murder mystery it may be relevant to ask what the nature of the crime was. A researcher might also ask the effect of the violence on the victim, who the criminal was, the ages of the participants or if the act was provoked or justified. This information can then be answered by several people to get an average rating in order to find the base line data for the document.

Content and its Use in the Media

Another content analysis example is done by using this methodology in the media. A researcher would first look at where the information was released, the date it was released and the circulation and readership of the information. They would also examine the topic of the information and look for any code or key words that are used frequently throughout the story. The source of the information would also be a key component for the researcher. They would then review how favorably readers found the story and how noticeable it was.

Analyzing Content to Help in Criminal Proceedings

A content analysis example can also be found in criminal proceedings. Specialists are often brought in to examine evidence in court cases in order to detect deception. These researchers work independently of the case to discern the truth in certain statements. For example, a suspect who uses past tense about someone who is presumed to be alive may know more about the situation than they are telling. This deduction is based upon grammatical verb tense.

Online Content

A content analysis example online can be by utilizing search engine optimization. By searching for specific keywords, search engines are able to find topics. Having the right number of keywords can increase a website’s ranking on the search engines. It also helps web masters determine which keywords work best and what the competition is doing so that they can make changes accordingly.

Essentially content analysis is the method of categorizing content to find critical information within the language. It can be done with data reduction, questionnaires, by using a checklist, coding or other form of qualitative or quantitative data analysis. This information can be used to determine a specific perspective and is used for a variety of purposes. However, this data may be skewed by the researcher and how they interact during data collection when using qualitative data.